Athens Disco Kidz

The idea of Athens Disco Kidz was born in October 2016 out of the need to create a common entertainment platform for children and adults too. Main goal of this alternative way of entertainment is open events- parties that are based on the axis of pedagogy and art, cultivating the artistic education and expression from a very young age.
The term “disco” is used to emphasise on the social dimension of entertainment and the common music experience. The carefully chosen activities are collective and invite playfully all-party members to cooperate, to express themselves and to communicate freely exploring their limitless creativeness in a joyful and colourful environment with a soundtrack consisting not of typical “children music” but high energy melodies appropriate for adults too.
Founder and co-ordinator of Athens Disco Kidz is Katerina Adamara (theatre and school educator). The team consists of actors, dancers, educational specialists, theatre facilitators, acrobats, visual game designers that in collaboration with professional DJs such as Palov and Black Athena create an unforgettable experience.
Athens Disco Kidz has already collaborated with six d.o.g.s, Τechnopolis, The Meet Market, SNFCC, Tsichritzis Art Foundation and other cultural centers in Athens and with Fam Fiesta, Kidot Festival, La dose and Ypsilon in Thessaloniki.
They are ready to DISCO at ADD Festival 2019!

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