A passionate music lover with a penchant for out there sounds, Livia is a musician whose backstory is almost as captivating as the music she plays. Surrounded by music from an early age, she earned her reputation as a fearlessly brave selector alongside some of the scene’s most prominent figures, with Satoshi Tommie, Marco Passarani, Tobi Neumann and DJ Tennis among those who mentored her early on.

Livia’s obsession with music can be traced back to her early days in Paris, France where she grew up in a household that was as likely to reverberate to the sounds of classical sounds as is was Livia’s own collection of house, techno, progressive and funk. After relocating to New York in 2009, a slew of DJ gigs soon followed and in 2013 Livia took the bold move to start to DJ professionally. Never one to do one by half measures, she continued to embrace her other passion, video making. From directing electronic music documentaries to working for the UN (where she organised a world bank of music the UN could collect for free from producers), Livia managed to merge her two biggest passions with the sort of skill and expertise she regularly showcases behind the decks.

Livia is also a trained harpist, having spent three years at Paris’ esteemed Conservatoire de Paris. Having spent time in the presence of numerous renowned DJs through the years, Livia gradually picked up Ableton and even contributed vocals to some of the scene’s most renowned imprints. Livia’s next two releases see her hark back to her house music beginnings. One celebrates her love affair with all things 90’s house, whereas the other is a more melodic effort that demonstrates the dexterity and versatility for which she is renowned.

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